Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting is raising your child with a sense of the divine in all things. Nurturing your child's sense of self and personal creativity. Spiritual parenting also means teaching your child a sense of responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. A spiritual child recognizes and honors the sanctity of ALL life.


Who am I?

Who am I to dispense parenting advice? I am not a doctor, but I am a parent. I have raised my daughter pretty much on my own since she was born.

I am from a large, loving family and had the great fortune of having spectacular parents. I could ask for nothing more than my own wonderful father and mother. No, they are not perfect people. They are just the perfect parents for me. They taught me the lessons and gave me exactly what I needed. I didn't realize that at the time, but I am grateful for ever bit of who they are now.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

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Take the lessons that resonate with you and leave that which feels wrong. Remember, every child is different and unique. Your experiences with each child will be as unique as they are. Not every method or suggestion given here will work for everyone. You need to be aware of your own child and your own strengths and limitations. Be Well! Be loving. Be Loved!

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Supporting Your Sensitive Child

A New Support Group for Sensitive Children & Their Parents

Join us for days filled with joy and hope

Is your child sensitive? Do they feel things more deeply?

Express things more compassionately? Are they more in tune with the world around them? Do they see, feel or hear more than those around them?

Come into an atmosphere where they can freely express who they are, and be with other children who have similar experiences. Learn how to support them fully.

To learn more call Geralyn St. Joseph at 808 261-7866 or email SpiritualParents@gmail.com

Contact me at SpiritualParents@gmail.com with questions.