Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting is raising your child with a sense of the divine in all things. Nurturing your child's sense of self and personal creativity. Spiritual parenting also means teaching your child a sense of responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. A spiritual child recognizes and honors the sanctity of ALL life.

Who am I?

Who am I to dispense parenting advice? I am not a doctor, but I am a parent. I have raised my daughter pretty much on my own since she was born.

I am from a large, loving family and had the great fortune of having spectacular parents. I could ask for nothing more than my own wonderful father and mother. No, they are not perfect people. They are just the perfect parents for me. They taught me the lessons and gave me exactly what I needed. I didn't realize that at the time, but I am grateful for ever bit of who they are now.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

The 5 L's of Parenting

1.       Love your child, not just in your heart, but with your whole being. For many of us this is a no-brainer. We are so in love with our children, yet we often forget to show it.

Ever hear the expression; 'Love isn't something until you give it away'? It is not enough to feel love for someone, you must express it - In word AND action. A child needs to be totally secure in your love for them. [Yes, I know a child is never TOTALLY secure, but they can be close] Their greatest fear is to lose the love of a parent. And that holds true into adulthood. That is why we forever strive for our parents' approval  consciously or subconsciously.

2.       Listen to your child; you will be surprised by how much they can teach you. Their view of the world is different, so they see angles to things you never considered.

I mean REALLY listen. Keep eye contact. Be attentive. Ask appropriate questions, but do not form an opinion or formulate your questions while they are speaking. That is not listening. If you expect your children to listen to you, you need to listen to them.

3.       Laugh with your child. Allow them to experience life as fun. It will help you maintain a positive attitude with them. Your child will help to remind you not to sweat the small stuff if you let them.

It is important to show your child how to approach life with humor.

Remember to play. Use your imagination and encourage them to use theirs. Laugh at your mistakes instead of becoming frustrated. Teach your children how to handle stress through laughter; in order to do that they need a sense of what is really important. That means that we need to react appropriately to situations and not blow things out of proportion.

4.       Light is multi-faceted. First, live in the light, the light being Truth and Love. There is no more powerful teacher to our children than our own lives. Living the light means having and maintaining an authentic life. If you want your child to be happy, find happiness. Lead by example, because whether that is your intention or not, that is what you are doing. Be mindful of that fact.

Second, keep it light. Life is hard enough without us throwing our drama on our children. I have found a stern look and a single statement much more effective than a long lecture.

5.       Like creates like. Our children reflect what we do. If your child tends to be condescending, or short in their speech, you need to examine the manner in which you are speaking to them and others. The aspects of their behavior that set us off the most tend to be reflections of ourselves. Behaviors like dishonesty, lying or cheating are learned. You are leading by example whether you like it or not. Always consider your actions when in the presence of a child.

Children are a gift. They are not little clones or blank pieces of clay for us to mold. They have their own personalities, thoughts and feelings. They deserve respect.

Remember, you are the most important thing in their lives as they grow to discover who they are. It is our jobs as parents to give them the tools they need to safely navigate the world. If we teach them properly and present a good example, our children will change the world. Simply by their presence in it, the world will be a better place.


Love them in word and deed. Laugh with them. Listen to them. Live the Light to guide them and keep it light for them. Like creates like, so live as if every day what you do will be on the cover of tomorrow's newspaper. [I stole that quote from my mom] Do not forget to thank your parents. Good Luck and God Bless.

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Parent Coach Geralyn St. Joseph is a single parent. She holds a degree in communications with a concentration in Law and Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia. She offers her services as an intuitive parent coach and spiritual advisor primarily in Kailua on Oahu in Hawaii and by phone. She also offers couples guidance and a wide array of metaphysical classes and services both in person and via email. She is available for individual sessions & groups as well as corporate events & talks. Contact her at 215 669-2131 or spiritualparents@gmail.com. For more info visit www.VoiceOfSpirit.com

 Geralyn and her daughter are currently serving the Philadelphia, PA area.